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You can come here and chat with friends and discuss various things, not just my stories.
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PostSubject: Rules   Rules Icon_minitimeWed Aug 04, 2010 4:31 pm

1. Your advertisement is not to contain any pornographic images, links, videos, etc.
2. Your advertisement is not allowed to contain anything offensive or debatable, such as something for drugs, alcohol, religion, politics, etc.
3. Keep it tasteful. I won't post anything tacky on these boards. If you cannot make a suitable image for yourself, you can find someone else to make it, or else find a base image on Google, Photobucket, tinypic, etc. to work with.
4. No shock sites. That's not cool here.
5. If your advertisement contains personal information about yourself or someone else, or leads to a site that contains your personal information, I suggest you keep it out. We don't want stolen identities from here. Business contact information is fine, as is email if you don't mind random people emailing you. Your social security, credit card, and home address are NOT allowed at all.
6. If someone has a problem with your advertisement, BOTH you AND this person are to bring it to me, via PM's.
7. ALL applications will be reviewed by me. Any that are NOT approved are to be edited as I dictate (via pm's). If they are not edited, they will not be accepted at all.
8. Accepted applications are not to be edited at all, unless you ask my permission and give me a sample via pm's.
9. Please, no junk.

Rules 2enb6eo
Aishiteru John!
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