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You can come here and chat with friends and discuss various things, not just my stories.
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PostSubject: Call me Outai   Call me Outai Icon_minitimeWed Aug 04, 2010 4:17 pm

I'm the forum god, Outai. I made this forum, and change it at will, which is almost never. Anyway, this used to be a forum to hang out with friends but most of them don't post any more, so I tweaked it a bit. They can still come and chat, it's just a bit different now.

About me? With the exception of posting in forums just for chat, I am a grammar nazi, and even during those 'chat' times, I am picky about spelling, punctuation, and grammar. I'm not so picky about capitalization, unless it is in a roleplay post, or a story.
I am currently 24, and always female. I am taken by the most wonderful man alive, so if you have any...affections, deal with it. I'm nice for the most part, unless you get on my bad side. I do my best to be fair with everyone here, because that is my job, and I don't want any disputes because one person thought they were treated unjustly, or that another was treated with favoritism.
A few things I really dislike, and thus you should avoid: grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors; immaturity; lack of intelligence both in action and in language; rudeness; a few other things I cannot think of at the moment.
A few things I like, and thus encourage: kittens; innuendos (as long as they are not offensive); jokes (again, nothing offensive); plants; space themes; ocean themes; reading; anime; manga; writing; pleasant attitudes; cookies; being silly; helping others; more things I cannot think of at the moment.
Also, my favorite color is green.

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Aishiteru John!
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Call me Outai
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